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Defining, supplying and servicing, best-in-class process solutions across Canada.

About Stainless Process Equipment

Stainless Process Equipment is a Canadian company that is a recognized leader in distributing sanitary process equipment, servicing the food and beverage, dairy, personal care, and pharmaceutical/biotech industries.

Stainless Process Equipment is one of the largest full-line stocking system integration distributors globally for SPX Flow/APV. In addition to offering process equipment-related services, repairs and rebuilds, we also provide a comprehensive product offering that includes pumps and valves, homogenizers, heat exchangers, sanitary tubing and fittings.

Industries we serve

Stainless Process Equipment has over 30 years of process product distribution experience servicing the pharma/biotech, food and beverage, dairy, brewery, cannabis, cosmetics and emulsions industries. This product distribution experience has provided SPE with knowledge and know-how to tackle industry-specific challenges. Contact us today to better understand how we can assist you and your specific industries’ process needs.

Pharmaceutical and Biotech

Meeting the most rigorous of safety and sanitation standards, we distribute complete sanitary systems that integrate clean-in-place (CIP) technology and advanced monitoring systems. Discover our large variety of pharmaceutical and biotech process product solutions.

Food and Beverage

Heavily regulated, we are the industry’s leader in process product solutions! Distributing tanks, processors, and blenders to pressure vessels, totes, and custom fabrications, we have a product solution for all your food and beverage process challenges.


Distributors of process products and equipment to the dairy industry, we have your perfect product solution. From pasteurization and mixing equipment to separation and storage, Stainless Process Equipment has a dairy product solution for your specific process need.

Personal Care

As a trusted solutions provider to the personal care industry, we distribute everything from bioreactors, storage reservoirs to preassembled process skid units. Contact SPE today and discover all the process solutions we offer to the personal care industry.

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